Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Basic HTML

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML, is the most commonly used language on Web.
It  is a  markup language, not a programming language.

It is used to write web pages. Browsers understand only markup language.

How to create a basic HTML Page using Notepad, Notepad++.

1, Go to your notepad.
2, Start Typing
<!doctype html>
<title>My Title</title>
3, Save page as .html file.
4, Run in browser.

This is a blank webpage with title only.

Doctype defines the type of document. Website will not be fully functional without Doctype in Internet Explorer.
<tag>      ----> Any thing written in this format is a tag( opening tag)
</tag>     ---> Closing Tag.

This is a complete HTML Element
                                                <tag attribute="value">Affected Content</tag>


1,  Para Tag           <p>              Basic Paragraph Writing with font-size of 16px.
2,  Heading 1         <h1>             Used only Once on a web page. The font size is 32px and Bold.
3,  Heading 2         <h2>             Heading Two.
4,  Heading 3         <h3>             Heading Three.
5,  Heading 4         <h4>             Heading Four.
6,  Heading 5         <h5>             Heading Five.
7,  Heading 6         <h6>             Heading Six
8,  Tele Text          <tt>              Font used is like Type-Writer.
9,  Pre Tag             <pre>           Only tag which accepts more than one spacing.
10, Address           <address>      For Postal Address only.
11, Anchor             <a>              For text with link.
12, Bold                 <b>              For Bold
13, Strong               <strong>      To Strong text(same like bold).
14, Italic                 <i>               For Italic Font.
15, Emphasis          <em>            To emphesis Text(Same like italic).
16, Subscript           <sub>          To write subscript
17, Superscript        <sup>           To write Superscript
18, Strike                 <s>              To Strike through text.
19, Underline           <u>              To Underline Text.
20, Center              <center>        To bring text in center.
21, Marquee           <marquee>     For scrolling Text.
22, Table               <table>           To Create table.
23, tr                     <tr>               Create Table row.
24, td                    <td>               Create Table data.
25, th                    <th>               Create Table heading.
26, Div                  <div>             To Create a division with given height and width.
27, Span                 <span>         To  Group Inline elements.
28, Font                 <font>           To create a font.
29, Break point        <br>              Break a line.
30, Horizontal Rule  <hr>               To draw horizontal line
31, Unordered List   <ul>               To create an unordered list
32, Ordered List     <ol>               To create an ordered list
33, Listed Item       <li>                To create listed item inside ul or ol.
34, image tag          <img>            To insert image inside html document.
35, style tag            <style>           To create internal css, should be used inside head tag.
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